Absolver Thrull
  • Nazwa: Absolver Thrull
  • Edycja: Guildpact
  • Typ: Creature - Thrull Cleric
  • Power/Toughness: 2/3
  • Koszt: [3][W]
  • Rzadkość: common
  • Tekst z Oracle:
    Haunt (When this card is put into a graveyard from play, remove it from the game haunting target creature.)
    When Absolver Thrull comes into play or the creature it haunts is put into a graveyard, destroy target enchantment.
  • Grafik: Rob Alexander
  • Cena: 0.50zl
  • Stan: SP
  • Ile szt.
  • Na stanie: 3 szt.