• Nazwa: Blastoderm
  • Edycja: Duel Decks Anthology, Garruk vs. Liliana
  • Typ: Creature - Beast
  • Power/Toughness: 5/5
  • Koszt: [2][G][G]
  • Rzadkość: Common
  • Tekst z Oracle:
    Shroud (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities.)
    Fading 3 (This creature enters the battlefield with three fade counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a fade counter from it. If you can't, sacrifice it.)
  • Grafik: Nils Hamm
  • Cena: 1.00zl
  • Stan: NM
  • Na stanie: 0 szt.

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